How To Make Extra Money From Home For Housewives

make extra money from home
Make extra money from home | Being a housewife does not mean closing yourself in from sources of income. Now, many housewives have a large income after offering various types of products and services, both online and offline. With the help of the Internet, more and more women can offer their abilities into money, through blogs and social media sites.

Method 1

Knowing Ability

Explore your interests. Start looking for extra money by knowing things you like, or things that interest you. Often, hobbies can turn into income fields, especially if you have the experience or ability to support them.

Write everything that interests you now, or maybe interest. By writing down interests, you will be able to find out potential ways to get money, or ideally, the opportunity to get money that suits your interests.

For example, if you like cooking, sports, math, automotive repairs, or parks, all can be a chance to make money.
Also know things that you really don’t like to do. Even though sometimes you are forced to do things that are not liked (especially if it can make money), for example writing, you can make these things as the last option.

Pay attention to your experience before becoming a housewife. Experience, such as past work, education, and hobbies, can also be used to find out how to get money.

For example, if you are a teacher (or have taught before), you can make teaching a source of income. If you have other experiences, such as art, office administration, writing, keeping animals, or even looking after children, those experiences can also make money.

Know your abilities. Knowing abilities be a good way to find income opportunities. The ability to do things that others cannot do can open employment opportunities.

For example, if you are good at cooking or mastering several languages, you can make these abilities as a source of income.

Combine abilities, interests, and experiences to find potential ideas for earning money.

Be prepared to balance the activities of making fast money with household activities. Busy housewives are very solid, equivalent to full employment. Finding money while maintaining a housewife status will certainly cut your time from household activities. Pay attention to the time you are currently using, and know what activities can be shortened to provide working part time.

For example, if you spend several hours cleaning the house, know what can be done less often, or ask someone else at home to do it.

Caring for children require a lot of time. You may have to leave your child in a daycare or with relatives so you can work.

Method 2

Choosing How to Get Money

1. Take the job of caring for someone else’s child.

Housewives usually have the ability and resources that are useful for other parents. Many parents look for child care services, and with the high cost of daycare, you may be able to find parents who want to pay for personal child careers for savings.

Advertise your services on sites like Kaskus and OLX, or make posters. You can also advertise through social media, such as Facebook or Path.

2. Be a teacher, both online and offline.

If you have certain knowledge, especially school or foreign language lessons, which can be shared, you can open private tutoring or courses.

To advertise private tutoring services, you can use sites such as Kaskus and OLX, using the strategy of getting banned in your child’s school or other school, or marketing services to neighbors.

3. To teach online

You can visit sites like At, the entire teaching and learning process is done online, and you will be paid per teaching hour. However, to teach a particular subject, you must have a university certificate, and you must be able to teach at least five hours a week.

4. If you master a foreign language, you can teach online languages through

You will get pay per hour after teaching.

5. Sell your products.

If you can make something valuable, generally these creations can be sold. You can sell cakes, photos, art items and works, clothing, and various other products. After knowing the items you can sell, also know how can I sell them.

For beginners, using social networking is a good way to advertise your products. Make your legitimately business Facebook page, and upload a product photo to the page. Facebook pages can help you share activities with Facebook friends, and maybe sell some products.

Certain products can be sold at special sites. For example, sites like Shutterstock and Stock allow you to sell photos, Easy provides a market for many works, and Raverly allows you to sell knitted patterns. In addition, sites like Kaskus and OLX can be used to connect with local buyers.

If you are ambitious, create your own website or online store, and advertise online with tools like Google AdSense to increase the number of visitors to your store. is a marketplace of works that you can try to sell your handicrafts. Read the guide on selling items on Etsy for more information.

6. Become a freelance writer, or create a blog.

If you can write, know a lot of things about a particular topic, or have experience / perspectives on something, you can make money by writing typing freely or creating a blog.

You can create a blog easily. Sites like allow you to create a free blog, or you can use a program like WordPress at a cost of around RP. 50,000 per month. Making money from blogs can be quite difficult because the money you get depends on the number of blog readers.

7. You can also make money by being a freelance writer / editor.

For beginners, find a job as a freelance writer from sites like Elance or Textbroker because generally the salary offered is not large. Another way to find a job as a freelance writer is to look for vacancies in the column for special vacancies for writers, using sites like, or even providing ideas for articles to publish and you can make extra money from home.

Method 3

Consider Alternative Options for Getting Income

8. Consider starting using a coupon.

Sometimes, income does not always come from greater income, but can also come from reduced spending. Using coupons and promotions with certain strategies can increase your income. Find and collect coupons to reduce the cost of everyday living.

Coupons can be found from various sources, such as Sunday newspapers. You can also print coupons from sites such as Lakupon, or the manufacturer’s website for the product you want to buy.

You can use your cellphone to find coupons and match them with promotions in your area. One of the most popular applications be Dealoka, which allows you to find promotions in your area and print coupons for those promotions.
If you are interested in using more coupons in America, blogs like The Krazy Coupon Lady can help you get started.

Earn money from your activities in cyberspace. Some sites will pay you for activities such as finding information, watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, or playing games. Visit sites like Swagbucks and Ebates to find up-to-date information about how to make money from online activities.

Swagbucks lets you get Swagbucks currency when doing activities from within their site. Swagbucks can be exchanged into money or a voucher. For example, when you spend a dollar to shop through the Swagbucks store (which provides products from thousands of large stores), you will receive one Swagbucks, which is equal to 1% money back.

9. Ebates offers the same money-back scheme, but its scope is narrower than Swagbucks.

You can be only shop via Ebates, while Swagbucks offers many other activities.
Besides Ebates and Swagbucks, there are many other sites that offer money for online activities. Use the search engine to find it.

Do not buy goods just to benefit from the site. Research before buying to ensure that you really need the product you buy, then find the cheapest product.

Make product reviews on the Internet. Various product review provider sites will pay you directly, or offer product discounts after you write product reviews. Use a search engine like Google to find a product review provider site.

10. is a popular site that allows you to review sites and online applications.

After making a review, you will be paid via PayPal. Although there are limits to the income that you can get through this site, you can still get extra money. is another popular site that allows you to get large discounts on products purchased through Amazon, if you write product reviews as soon as you receive them. The discount you get can reduce household expenses.

Method 4

Managing time

Make a schedule. After you choose how to get extra money, generally, you will have a less time. If you have children or other responsibilities, you must carefully arrange the time. Scheduling and managing time is the most important step in time management.

Set aside time every day to make money in the way you choose. To set aside time, Write your daily activities every day (as detailed as possible), with time allocation for each activity. Try to find an empty time, or a time that are not too busy, to work.

Eliminate unnecessary activities if you have trouble finding empty time. Unnecessary activity is an activity that can is eliminated without serious effects. Unconsciously, many people spend a lot of time doing unnecessary activities.

Watch yourself for a day. You might spend an hour playing Facebook every day, or two hours watching TV. Even though actually stopping doing both is not healthy because you need a break, you might be able to cut the duration of watching TV to an hour or the duration of Facebook to half an hour.

11. The free time you set aside can be used to do more productive things.

Make daily, weekly and monthly targets to better manage your time and prevent you from doing unnecessary things. Make a list of things you want to completes every day. For example, if you decide to look after your child, try making the target ÔÇťadvertise every day.”

You can make a target at any time, as you wish. If you use daily targets, setting aside 10 minutes at night to plan tomorrow is a good strategy.

Keep the target in an accessible place so you can stay focus on the job, and prevent you from doing unnecessary things and you can make extra money from home.

Tips above about how to make extra money from home can be adopted by housewives who are anywhere like in Canada, Ontario, UK, South Africa, and others.