Enjoy Weekend Getaways From Chicago With 5 Free Travel Destinations In Chicago

Weekend getaways from Chicago
Weekend getaways from Chicago | Chicago, the greatest city inside the state of Illinois, United States, isn’t just beautiful which is about the shores of Lake Michigan. In this city tourists can also enjoy 6 exciting tourist destinations free of charge.

A lucky city, about the shores of Lake Michigan makes Chicago more beautiful. In addition, the amount of wind that fills space in Chicago, town is dubbed being a windy city or “The Windy City.”

He cried again, many interesting places within this city. Starting from a paid place with expensive ticket prices, I also visited several destinations which are bag-friendly. One more important, listed here are also exciting locations where are beautiful, interesting, unique, and free.

Here are 5 frees destinations that I were directly to visit in Chicago:

1. Millennium Park

Weekend getaways from Chicago

The things that can most become tourist entertainment are the presence of a unique collection of modern architecture, for example Cloud Gate, along with the art that’s very beautiful. Many state that should you haven’t played there, that means it is not legal that you have gone to Chicago.

Tourists can reach it by utilizing public transportation, the CTA bus, as well as the elevated train called Elevated.

Called a floating train since the rail is floating. Some underground stations may also be noteven close to the park which provides coverage for about 25 hectares.

In addition, all buses passing through Michigan Avenue which include the main street of Chicago also move across the park which was designed to commemorate the turn in the millennium in 2000. However, the making of this park was too late so it was only inaugurated in 2004.

Only by subtracting riding on the bus like the elevated train or CTA bus, it will also arrive later. Drift trains are extremely called because they’re fashioned with floating rails. From this park there will also be several stations which are underground which might be not to date away. Inaugurated in 2004, this park finally became one from the most popular sightseeing attractions inside United States.

In this place tourists be able to see an assortment of modern architecture including the Cloud Gate and exquisite garden art settings. In addition, there is also a free play area for residents of Chicago City and tourists visiting here.

Remember, in case you haven’t visited this park, you aren’t yet legal to Chicago!

2. Lincoln Park Zoo

Weekend getaways from Chicago

This zoo just isn’t too much from downtown Chicago. From the Magnificent Mile area, you’ll be able to take a bus number 151. Next, you are able to walk somewhat to get at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

One different, it is possible to enter this zoo totally free. This zoo managed through the private sector only relies on donations and benefits from partners who trade here.

However, even though its free, Lincoln Park Zoo carries a complete assortment of animals and includes a very beautiful place.

3. Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain

Weekend getaways from Chicago

Not faraway from Millennium Park, you are able to simply walk through the Art Institute of Chicago to arrive at a park that is quite spacious and beautiful. Every June, the Chicago Blues Festival is held with this park that may be enjoyed free of charge.

In addition, near this park gleam very beautiful fountain, named Buckingham Fountain. While the view on the east of Lake Michigan has a garden and if you look westward, travelers can enjoy the views in the Chicago City skyscrapers and enjoy your weekend getaways from Chicago.

4. Navy Pier

Weekend getaways from Chicago

This place used to be used as being a dock and training ground for pilots or American military personnel. This destination is one from the entertainment locations that can be when compared with ANCOLS. Its location directly on the shores of Lake Michigan makes tourists interested in boarding ships and sailing about this lake.

In addition, in Navy Pier there may also be many amusement rides for the children like those inside the Fantasy world. There is also a Chicago Shakespeare Theater facility here.

Even with this complex there can also be shops and malls and a museum for the children referred to as Chicago Children Museum. Cool, all of these rides are free and tourists can enjoy including fireworks entertainment on certain nights inside summer.

5. Magnificent Miles

Weekend getaways from Chicago

One from the famous streets in Chicago is the Magnificent Miles where visitors can shop, hang out at cafes, sample delicious food inside the restaurant, or remain at the resort. There are various famous shopping malls for this street, so for those who like shopping and finding yourself in Chicago you ought not miss el born area. Not to forget, the initial atmosphere in the Michigan Avenue road area can be enjoying by tourists.

This is a part of road in downtown Chicago. On this road you’ll find hotels, restaurants, cafes and famous malls inside City of Chicago. Along Michigan Avenue, tourists can also enjoy the atmosphere typical of this windy city.

Not that, tourists can also travel around the town by using a somewhat carriage or a beautiful horse carriage. In certain months, in the beginning of winter, travelers will also be presented with The Magnificent Miles Light Festival along this road.

Not only in some cities inside country, even on this road could also be found vehicles which might be just like Delmar; a somewhat horse carriage is available and tourists can ride the city about this vehicle. Even more exciting, The Magnificent Miles Light Festival can be witnessing by tourists, whether this comes with the correct time because the festival is using months, particularly if it is going to transform into winter or in the fall.

Many families and couples from various countries who plan to vacation in Chicago and have booked flight (plane) tickets in October and November just to enjoy the beauty of Nature there.

In addition, on the places above, you’ll find still a number of other places that could is enjoyed at no cost when you are on vacation in weekend getaways from Chicago.