How To Make Money On Your Phone Quickly And Easily

How To Make Money On Your Phone

How to make money on your phone | Isn’t it fun to have your own income especially with just using your smartphone? Especially for those of you who are still in college and not permanent work. With this easy job you can get extra money. No need to bother, just maximize the function of the smartphone in your hand.

Do you often spend a lot of time with your cellphone or gadget?

Just checking the message, or maybe doing some experiments with some applications embedded on the cellphone?

Especially if the mobile device that is owned is connected to an Internet connection, the more time it takes to stare at your mobile screen.

But have you all known, that actually cell phones or other gadget devices can be used as a tool to increase income? If you think cell phones can be only make money by selling credit, or the only way to make a cell phone able to make money is by selling, then your guess is a little miss.

SpecialTips editorial search results! Apparently found some easy ways that cell phones or gadgets can be useful to become an income enhancer, which is definitely not by selling credit or selling your cellphone. Curious how? Follow the full brief tips on How to Make Money with Your Mobile Phone below.

Here are some options for how to get that easily via smartphone, as quoted from :

How To Make Money On Your Phone

1. Use the micro tasking application.

Try checking your smartphone, has it been supported by a micro tasking application?

Some smartphone applications have offered micro tasking services in return for cash or credit.

Only by doing special tasks given in the application, you can get money. Want?

Examples of the application are Snap cart which will give you cash back from the shopping receipts that you photograph, or Cash tree which gives you credit if you frequently unlock your smartphone. Well, this also includes how to get and earn money quickly through a smartphone application. Try it!

2. Offering services

Having a lot of capabilities but are confused about how to distribute them?

Duh, unfortunately you try to offer services with your skills. Or you can jailbreak your iPhone? Or good with all the problems of Android smart phones? And know how to break into a smartphone that is locked by iCloud or Google Account? If so, sell your services through the social media channels that you have. Fun, right?

3. Dropshipping

Not familiar with this term?

Dropshipping is a cool term for activities to help sell other people’s goods. Well, this is also a way to get money easily and fast via smarts phones. In this era of online shop that is increasingly mushrooming, you can really open a store without having to have items to sell. The point is like you are promoting another store’s property on your social media account, or even in your own online shop account.

Wow, of course it will be interesting. Later every time a buyer enters you, your job is to contact the seller to send the goods to consumers who buy at you. Exclaimed right? To do dropshipping you can use a Blackberry Messenger, Facebook, or Instagram account, for free. So, try to understand how to dropshipping accurately.

4. Become an influencer

Many say that easy access to the Internet makes more opportunities to get money quickly without capital. For example, by becoming an influencer. Especially at this time vendors and manufacturers began to look at businesses through the Internet.

Well, if you are a celebrity on social media and have a lot of followers, how to make money on your phone, its you can really get your pocket money just with smartphone capital. By endorsing the product on your social media account, you are guaranteed to get extra pocket money easily. Want to try, guys?

5. Become an event organizer

How To Make Money On Your Phone

How come, why is the event organizer categorized as how to get money easily via smartphone?

The event organizer is done manually, such as looking for vendors and clients. Not really, you can be an event organizer or even a hurray team using a smartphone.

For example, before major events such as the election are there always special teams formed? Where the task of this team is to enliven an issue raised to the public. Later this team will be given a special payment.

For example, be a social media admin or content writer who doesn’t need to deal directly with events manually but more digitally. Exclaimed right?

6. Selling stock photos

If you having a smartphone that is equipped with powerful camera technology and has enough photography skills, why not try selling stock photos? This is also a way to get money through the Internet that you can do with smart phones.

Be diligent in hunting photos in nature and the surrounding environment, then upload your photos to the stock photo provider site. If your photo is cool, it’s not impossible that someone will use it for business purposes, right? And of course they have to pay copyright. So, understand the procedure too!

7. Become a freelancer

Duh, guys don’t just play Instagram or Snap chat so that you can use Linkedin. It’s time you build relationships and professional profiles. Promoting your skills on LinkedIn is a wise step to developing wings in the outside world. It’s not impossible for anyone to be interested in recruiting you as a freelance who works at home only with smartphone capital if you have interesting skills on your LinkedIn account.

8. Cash back When Shopping Online

If you have an online shopping habit using a smartphone, maybe, you should consider this method to get money from the cellphone used. Capitalize online shopping through the Ibotta (Android) application, then, you will get flying back that will be sent to your Pay pal or Venmo account, Quite interesting, isn’t it?

9. Following a Prize Opinion Survey Service

This one is very simple, your just answer a few questions from a survey on a particular topic with, with the number of surveys ranging 8 times a month. Is an Ipsos research company, with I-Say service as a facility in gathering market opinions regarding predetermined products or topics.

Each complete survey will get reward points and can be exchanged for certain prizes, including overseas holiday like to South Africa, Australia and UK, gadgets and much more.

Now that’s the brief information about How to Make Money on Your Phone, hopefully, it can be useful for friends Special Tips in 2017, 2018 and be continue! All.