4 Surveys that Pay Cash Instantly and Paid Very Fast

survey that pay cash instantly

Surveys that pay cash instantly | While taking online surveys isn’t a rich form of fast thing, it certainly really helps to find out which companies offer fast paid surveys getting your hard-earned money faster. I especially such as this company is paying faster as it would be good to get a salary come faster, while I’m looking forward to money through the company that can take a miss.

I will enter a faster and slower usage strategy for paying of the company after I show me a list of quick paid surveys online in the world like South Africa.

Here are my 4 very fast paid surveys

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is at the top my list because they not just have a minimum payout that’s very low at $10 (not the best, but surprisingly low), they pay out directly via PayPal. Paid directly is pretty rare for new business organizations, so it will be a large bonus.

I also like Opinion Outpost because they pay above industry standards per survey, and there are many of these entirely on the dashboard. They are an excellent site to provide money to make your arsenal.


Swagbucks is an excellent site with plenty of ways to make money. You can take surveys, watch videos, submit offers plus more. While this is perfect, it may be overwhelming and catching your inside trap of not doing essentially the most profitable activities.

Swagbucks has your minimumpayment using Amazon gift cards, which I recommend for many years like 2017 and 2018, since, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. The reason for this is that getting a $5 Amazon gift cards is the better cashing out deal available at Swagbucks.

They also offer many other solutions to cash out too. I can get two $5 Amazon gift cards within a couple of days of registering. That’s fast enough.


PrizeRebel is just like Swagbucks in such a way you will get money, and again, I prefer the crooks to their Amazon gift cards, because I can cash out at $2 with them. I have a great many other sites that I used to make money, so I like having this extremely fast paid location survey for Amazon cards.

They provide PayPal payments in $10 minimum, so payout remains surprisingly low. So if Amazon just isn’t your selected, PrizeRebel still offers wage day payments.


Mindswarms differs in the rest of the site in this it’s a video-based survey. And while this isn’t always just what you are looking for (I personally am sick and tired with video surveys), hold back until you hear more about them.

Each survey is 7 questions, and on average, people finish in less than twenty minutes. The crazy part is basically that you receive money $50 per survey, and will also be within your PayPal account in one day.

20 mins “work” for $50, paid via PayPal in twenty-four hours.
I think that it can be technically the easiest (and a lot profitable) paid survey.

The Best Survey Strategy

While I love this fast paid survey, I think you need to utilize it in conjunction with other survey that pay cash instantly sites too. For example, one of my personal favorite sites is Ipsos i-say *, and even though they have a relatively low minimum payout, you get more income on your time in case you last as much as $100 PayPal rewards.

Because I use companies faster and receive salaries from their store more often, I don’t mind expecting a check mark greater than Ipsos i-Say * if it means more money to me. It’s only me 2 cents concerning the problem, and you’re simply liberated to follow whatever strategy you would like.

If you want to find more sites to add money to generate your arsenal, check out the listing of survey that pay cash instantly companies here.
Are there others to incorporate to their email list? Let me know within the comments.

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