9 Most Expensive and Famous Shoe Brands with Soft Spot Shoes inside World

Branded shoes with soft spot shoes and exorbitant cost are certainly quite a lot. But we could identify it according to values which can be beyond your average range even if it won’t make sense. The list we will describe below is just not determined by the most costly ranking. Well, allow me to share 9 of the priciest and famous shoes brands inside the world.

1. Air Jordan Silver Shoes

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This shoe is reportedly priced at a worth of about 810 million ifs transformed into rupiah. Until now, this shoe method is still ongoing. What causes these shoes to cost so crazy? Its unique silver color is one of the identities that strengthens It’s branding.

Silver Jordan Air Shoes are manufactured with special series. When released officially outed there, its presence was appalling. The question is, will there be anyone who desires to buy these expensive shoes? There are you.

Moreover, Air Jordan products are actually widely known since several decades ago. Its production remains ongoing. And even though it is producing being a sports shoe, it really is also very suitable for casual style. But thinking about the fantastic price, when you have, are you willing to wear shoes?

2. Nike Diamond Studded Air Force 1

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Shoes for a lot of aren’t only bases to safeguard your feet. Its famous brands and high value prices convert it into a social identity. So it’s not unusual if many of us are competing to possess several brands or even collect them. Including this Nike Diamond Studded Air Force 1 brands.

As a classy brand, the newest unique series be usually awaited. Well, for the Diamond Studded Air Force 1 series, the style seems fashionable and modern. At first glance it isn’t really like the structure of the brand series generally. But his strong identity was strong through the mix of the theory.

What was surprising about it product was that there was a touch of diamond that’s used as part in the shoe design. Right inside portion of the typical Nike logo. If you see visible shiny dots that happen to be actually 11-carat diamonds and directly sewn using gold thread.

From the data above it is definitely clear why this shoe series are inside most high-priced category inside the world. Then, what’s the price? This cool shoe was launched on the market with something of about 513 million rupiah.

There continue to be other Nike series which from the name and design alone imply an unnatural price. Namely, the Nike Gold High Dunks series having a price close to 72 million rupiah. Yes, right. This cool shoe is made using a layer of gold around its surface. How to make it by dipping it in gold. As a result, it appears so luxurious because each of the gold is covered including the straps.

The other most high-priced shoe out of this company is Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1. This shoe is often an exclusive edition because it is only produced up to 25 pairs signed directly by Kobe Bryant. This shoe series is made up of 4 pairs of shoes built with the idea of illustration pictures with the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas, and New York.

3. Testoni’s Dress Shoes

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Testoni is often a luxury brand that is known since 1929 in Italy. The main characteristic in the company’s shoe design is the use of a method called Norvegese. This technique is often a method of construction using crocodile skin material to ensure shoes are tougher and safe in a variety of climate since they’re also waterproof.

The layer of goat skin perfects the counter which has a gold buckle and diamonds on these shoes. And its clear that these shoes are very comfortable and so are usually the favorite of millionaires for formal and casual styles. The price with this shoe is priced at around 513 million rupiah.

4. Louis Vitton Men Shoes

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Hearing Louis Vitton’s name alone has been linked to luxury and high prices. This brand can also be often identified with women’s socialite outfits. But there are nevertheless lots who don’t know that luxury brand also released several products for males. One of them is a shoe series.

This series of shoes for men is made using crocodile leather material complete having a soft layer. The impression of luxury is quite strong from the mixture of traditional and modern styles. Its dark and stylish color can make it a couple of classy shoes for formal style. Louis Vitton’s shoes have been released officially since 2010. This shoe series is offered with a value close to 135 million rupiah.

Lous Vitton finally designed a various shoe products for males. Even the type starts from sneaker to boots. Offered at for less money compared to the previous type, just all with the series belong towards the luxury category for the size of the shoes.

5. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes

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If you’ve never heard the Aubercy brand, you now know that this is probably the priciest brands within the world. This shoe is made specifically for males and presents an idea that dares to look different regarding the perception of shoes for men. The reason is, these sneakers are specially made with striking diamonds and possess the name “Phil.”
So, its clear that shoe is made not for girls. Although offered to men, setting up diamond elements is just not prohibited. Instead, it adds and reinforces an elegant impression.

You will probably pay attention for the curves of the structure and the color of this footwear. Really embodies the idea of luxury and type that will basically be suitable if worn by men. The end of this footwear for women is decorated by Phil the diamond.

Well, is there a price because of this couple of Aubercy Studded Diamond shoes? The cost to create shoes is priced at around 40 to 60 million rupiah. It still doesn’t depend on the size of the diamond stone that you want to utilize.

6. Stefano Bemer Shoes

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The name Stefano Bemer is incredibly common as one from the most expensive brands within the fashion universe. He himself will be the best designer and shoe maker that has dealt with several well-known companies including Gucci.

Its specialty is from manufacturing techniques directly in the hand without using the assistance of mechanical devices. In addition, several choices of excellent materials should be rigorously selected before being useful for shoe making.

The material used is also quite unique but guaranteed quality. Like the usage of camel and frog skin. The use of making a set of shoes are of sufficient length. Approximately a couple of months might be spent. The price because of this footwear for women are around 27 million rupiah.

7. Berluti Rapieces Reprises

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Berluti Rapieces Reprises is produced as being a luxury shoe brand name and has strong segmentation. So, even though it really is pricing prices which can be after dark reach from the public, this footwear have loyal devotees.

Known being a luxury brand from France, Berluti Rapieces Reprises is a superior product using a number of special features as collection shoes. The leather material used really goes through a really careful shopping process. So that the results will be really satisfying rather than only beautiful but in addition comfortable and durable.

These shoe brands are distributed in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Even so, not just any shoe store provides it. Only in a very network of luxury shoe shops selected.

Prices for Berluti Rapieces Reprises shoes are around 25 million rupiah. These costs are considered very much like some special features such as being produced from direct hands, making very strict designs, producing limited quantities, and highly appreciating above-average quality.

8. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

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Harry Winston Ruby Slippers generally seems to realize the dream fantasy of some women within the world. This shoe is immediately striking from the bright red appearance. But pay close awareness of what exactly is neatly arranged to create a pattern on the footwear for women. Yes, they’re 1000s of rubies coupled with shoe material that covers the complete surface.

This shoe journey is incredibly long. Reportedly, in 1989, this footwear for the first time appeared to the public. This shoe production project is actually an attempt to get these shoes worn by Dorothy inside Wizard of Oz.

The film itself was very successful in its time and some time ago it was restarted. What is striking within the first version with this film is clothing especially a couple of shoes worn with the main character. Because that inspired Harry Winston to produce these sneakers.

The total rubies used reached 4600 grains and 50 carats of diamonds. The shoes with soft spot shoes for the first time was also worn by Judy Garland, the actress who also totally character Dorothy. How much it costs? If calculated on the value of the rupiah, this footwear can reach 39,900,000,000 rupiah.

9. Stuartz Weitzman

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Is a shoe designer from your United States who founded an organization brand with his name. His works are already worn by many world celebrities for example Taylor Swift and Beyonce. The brand is known as one from the most expensive inside world but loved by many people.

Meanwhile, the company itself has released various series based on the chosen theme. And the series are clearly pricing a lot more expensive than regular products. Even though it’s noted for its high price, it remains to be popular by women. The reason is none other compared to reputation and it’s correct that the standard has also beenshown to be very classy.

Some of Stuartz Weitzman’s special editions even today are still being discussed because in addition towards the quite high prices, the structure concept is truly captivating. Some examples can be seen as follows:

Stuartz Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels. Have you ever heard the name Rita Hayworth? Yes, he is a legendary actress from Hollywood. To honor him, Stuartz Weitzman released a unique of shoes along with his name.

This shoe design is refined through the first variety including rubies, glitters, and sapphires. These shoes only have been produced inside a pair and therefore are now kept by Rita Hayworth’s daughter. By the way, is there a tariff of these sneakers? The price is estimated around 3 million dollars.

Stuartz Weitzman Cinderella Slippers. From the name alone, it could be imagined that footwear for women is worn by Cinderella. This stiletto type is created from excellent leather material. There are 565 diamonds placed on platinum.

The luxury of a set of shoes is becoming stronger from the look of a rope that ends ups being made of one from the diamonds which might be rare. Namely, diamond amaretto. The price from the diamond alone reached 13.5 billion rupiah. Though the shape itself is in the form of soft, soft ropes of course, if not heeded carefully it’s less visible. The price just for this footwear for women are about 2 million dollars.

Stuartz Weitzman Cinderella Slippers does look very elegant and luxurious. No wonder the cost reaches a value of that size. But the facts also prove that edition is not the only expensive one from Stuartz Weitzman’s output.

Stuartz Weitzman Tanzanite Heels. This shoe can be a product of collaboration between Stuartz and Eddie Le Vian. This collaboration led to an exceptionally fascinating masterpiece of a set of beautiful shoes refined by 185 carats of tanzanite gems and 28 carats of diamonds.

The notched design is incredibly beautiful with carefully measured details. The silvery color adds an elegant impression and distinguishes it business luxury shoes. Tanzanite Heels can be a beautiful set of footwear specifically designed being a collaboration project of two famous designers. The costs are estimated at 2 million dollars.

Stuartz Weitzman Ruby Stilettos. This set of footwear is estimated to get worth 1.6 million dollars. What can make it very special is the materials used. This stiletto is probably the expectations from the designer who accustomed to crave an uncommon footwear for women which were first decorated.

This pair of shoes is decorated with 643 123 carats of rubies and 1 pound of platinum. The color is red and adds elegance from various sides. No wonder if the footwear when introduced for the public immediately invites admiration.

Weitzman Stuartz Platinum Guild Stilettos. Again thinking about installing diamonds into shoes was applied. And this time inside a slightly different form. These shoes are artistically and feminine with 464 diamonds attached on the entire surface.

Uniquely again because from the rope can be used as a diamond necklace. Presenting a perception of your mix of accessories and fashion functions which are not only beautiful but luxurious. Stilettos Platinum Guild is estimated to arrive at a selling price of 1.09 million dollars. His form is gentle and impresses all women who first sees it because from the special attraction of the first stones.

Stuartz Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps. All shoes that are installed first are expensive. Not necessarily too. If it really is only seen through the nominal variety of production, it really are indeed expensive. But it isn’t necessarily as luxurious as the materials. You can buy shoes at a shoe store near you, or at the biggest online stores like Amazon, because on amazon also sells a lot of shoes, sandals, tela sandals. To ask for other products you can contact amazon customer service. And many teenagers, including those in Nordstrom who want to buy expensive and classy shoes, but still have to get clearance first from their parents.

These soft spot shoes prove that expensive prices do not signify they can be produced carelessly. Wrapped by 1800 diamonds filled with rose-shaped arrangement of accessories. There continue to be one more 400 diamonds that go over the counter of this shoe. The price because of this footwear is estimated at a lot more than 1 million dollars.