Here it is 23 Examples of the Best Small Business List

small business list

In Indonesia, the present trend to become a business person has evolved well. The average entrepreneur who opens his business starts from your business that has good prospects. Examples of small business list which might be opened are really diverse which range from the fields of culinary, technology, education, and the like.

Based on data from BPS from the website, in 2017 entrepreneurs in Indonesia increased to a few.1 % or 7.8 million people when compared to previous year which only reached 1.6 percent.

With this significant growth, proving that being an entrepreneur is just not a difficult matter which enable it to be carried out by anyone.

Even a staff member in the middle of his busyness can opening a company that is definitely in accordance with his ability.

Businesses that are opened also do not need to require large capital, they’re able to use minimal capital but have considerable profits.

Then, what efforts can be achieved by these employees? The following is a summary summarized in 23 Examples of Small Businesses that Office Employees Can Do. This list of small businesses can be used as a reference by all people from all countries. Like by USA, Tamil, Hindi, Philippines, UK, India, Marathi, South Africa, Bangalore, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Germany, and others countries near you.

List of Small Businesses with Fair Prospects

1. Business Franchise Drink

A franchise drink clients are a profitable franchise. Opening a beverage customer are being seen in several shopping malls in the capital city. Various drinks were served beginning tea, soda, milk, syrup etc.

The beverage company is not simply an easy task to mix and also doesn’t require huge capital. The average capital spent ranges from RP. A million to RP. 3 million. The price of the cup sold ranges from RP. 2,000-Rp. 5,000.

Of course with this price can reach everyone from the chronological age of children to adults to acquire the beverage product.

To open your company You can also employ people to have to wait to the drink stand that your just sell.

If it’s not at all possible, choose another beverage business which can be registered in each cooperative, school canteen or company canteen.

One example, an effective beverage franchise entrepreneur is Victor Giovan Raihan. He is the owner of Teh Kempot, where drinks created from tea are combined with fermented milk.

The drinks that they can form themselves eventually rise to success so far they have 17 outlets spread across Indonesia. (Source:

Examples of smaller businesses carried out by the young entrepreneur have certainly provided evidence that everything can be a promising business.

2. Credit and Electricity Token

At present everyone’s a gadget as a means to talk. Of every individual who owns the gadget, it certainly needs credit as a way to can get on.

The profit from the credit business and electricity token is definitely small. But if considered genuine and a lot of people buy credit for you personally, the profits is going to be abundant.

In addition, there are also many MLM business those who use credit products as the whole world of their business to obtain more profits. The issued capital also varies between RP 100,000 to RP 1,000,000.

One demonstration of this small enterprise can be carried out by anyone from adolescence to adulthood as long as they’ve got a gadget like a “weapon” to transact.

Another advantage which can be obtained when selling credit at work is that every employee from various divisions will remember you like a seller of credit on the job.

If this is the case, you merely sit down expecting your credit orders from a colleague.

3. Drop ship or Online Store Business

The rise of web business makes everyone can sell and never have to go out or rent a location to offer.
Therefore, these clients are very ideal for employees. They can become resellers in which the producers give you a drop ship system.

The way it really works can be so easy, just armed with a gadget, you can post products that is going to be sold through social networking.

The good thing about one example of a small company can be quite promising if done consistently and also seriously.

And it is advisable to transact or sell products is possible sleeping or after returning home from work.

4. Snack Food Business

For individuals who live inside Bandung area should have remembered the spicy snacks which had boomed in 2012.

Yes, these foods are created from cassava chips which are spicy with assorted amounts of spiciness.
A glimpse of the ingredients as well as the selling price is quite minimal. However, these business owners were directly to result in the cassava image into “classy” food in order that a lot of people searched it.

Reza Nurhilman, the owner of the Ma Icih Chips, declared that to locate snacks that attract many people, they had to pass through various experiments which could cause them to become fail.
But as a result of his persistence also, he succeeded in developing a phenomenal spicy cassava chips (

For you as an employee it is possible to sell these snack products by learning to be a reseller.
Of course your colleagues can be used as prospects to acquire the merchandise you sell. If they much like the product, you can be certain that you simply will become your loyal customer. That way the illustration of the small enterprise that you simply do will gain lucrative profits.

5. Business to Sell Pastries for Hari Raya

Opportunities to acquire big profits from selling cakes prior to the holidays have become promising. Examples of the small company can be done by anyone includes office employees.

As may be known together prior to holiday, especially Eid al-Fitr, so many people are busy to get something by themselves or their own families.

Delicious and interesting cake offerings aren’t spared using their memories as provisions or souvenirs for beloved family.

Because of this, the pastry business ahead of the holiday are still an incredibly promising business. Although it is considered to be a seasonal business, the profits are not inferior to firms that always exist all the time.

6. Laundry business

Examples of other small enterprises that may be carried out by a workplace employee are by opening a laundry business.

The capital needed to make e-commerce vary from RP. 7 — RP. 10 million. With this capital you are able to buy a washer and also other necessities for laundry.

In this chronological age of practical want, obviously opening a laundry business provides opportunities or benefits which can be sufficient to suit your needs.

Because e-commerce really needs individuals who are devoted to look for it, then you’ll be able to hire other folks with salaries ranging from RP. 500 thousand to one million per month.

You can read the entire article about laundry business at 21 successful strategies for kiloan laundry business with small capital

7. Business to Sell Food for Breakfast

On average, almost every employee who enters inside morning has not had time for it to have breakfast. Especially if they are migrants who live in boarding houses, naturally they’ve got not had time for you to prepare breakfast.

Well, using this it works extremely well as a business to offer morning food or known as selling food enjoying.

The breakfast menu can cover anything from bread or sandwiches, yellow rice, fried rice, nasi uduk, chicken porridge, deep-fried food, and the like.

Capital issued derived from one of illustration of a small company ranges from RP. 3 to RP. 4 million. From this money you’ll be able to buy various basic has to produce a breakfast menu.

8. Photo Services Business

Opening up this adult photo service are fairly promising. Every person or company needs documentation for the important activities they hold.

Therefore, for those of you that are attached to photography causes it to be a small business. Capital issued does not need substantial costs. Because the most important thing is you have to have a camera.

Examples of small businesses that can come using this hobby could be started by informing them using your relatives or colleagues.

If you choose to work with a normal day, obviously this business could be operated on weekends or holidays. The opportunity to get a client is pretty large, it might be from colleagues, friends, family or your friends who recommend it with friends.

Today the photos you have made can even be sold online by having a sites called or Where in the sale with the photo, you can get 15 to 30% commission.

9. Article Writing Services Business

For individuals they like writing things works extremely well as a business to get a write-up writer.
Opening this writing service is also relatively all to easy to only have a computer or laptop.

To get clients can even be by informing your colleagues or friends. Or you are able to also follow a writing agency by registering to get a writer.

The honorarium received varies from RP 10,000 to RP 50,000 for an article adjusted for the word made.

Examples of the small enterprises are now being loved by various circles. When pursued seriously, it’ll generate considerable income.

10. Graphic Design Services Business

Besides articles and photography, today the company that’s being loved are graphic design services.
It’s more focused on making logos, t-shirts, posters, mascots, and the like.

To open this service you’ll be able to use the website or to market Aanda’s expertise to get litigant who’s in need of a graphic design service.

Examples of the small enterprises not one of the large capital. Enough capital to be able to connect towards the Internet whenever and wherever.

11. Translator Services Business

For those who’ve the opportunity to speak foreign languages, either English or other languages, it is possible to open a translator service business.

Services offered may help customers meet a client external to or can also be a book translator.
Examples of the smaller businesses result by many travel entrepreneurs and book publishers.
You can also help the tour operator to become tour leader or tour help guide to accompany tourists.
Doing this company is certainly very flexible and will be arranged according to work time within the office.

12. Typing Services Business

This business does seem trivial and easy but features a great prospect if it’s seriously pursued.
Examples of those small enterprises can be done in strategic places including on campus or school.
It is common knowledge, that many students are lazy or have no time and energy to do the work. So the option is to give their work to somebody that opens typing services.

Typing services may also be not just for you, in Indonesia you can still find some who usually are not good at typing and know the nuances of typing programs.

The capital needed to open this business are a computer or laptop and also a printer. For one page typing is generally pricing RP 2,000 per sheet.

13. Private Les Services

For individuals who’re familiar with swimming, music, language, as well as other abilities can be utilized as an effort to open private tutoring services.

Examples with this small business list can be carried out by promoting people closest to you. Besides being able to play an activity every time it can even be ideal for others.

And the most critical thing does not require large capital to open a private tutoring business.

14. Vehicle Rental Business

If you reside in a very tourist area containing a great deal of enthusiasts, opening an automobile or bus rental business will be a soft business for you personally.

How not, every traveler will require an automobile or bus to achieve places of interest. Therefore, if you have a very car or motorbike, it might be rented for tourists.

This vehicle company is not merely a vehicle or motorcycle, it can also rent a bus where you’ll be able to assist PO Bus locally.

A demonstration of this business can give a profit close to IDR 50,000 to IDR 300,000 for a single vehicle.

15. Motorcycle Wash Service Business

Motorbike users are still increasing to 81.5 % according to data from your statistics center with the website

The quantity of motor users scattered inside the territory of Indonesia becomes an essential opportunity for you when opening a company.

Of course the organization it is possible to do are to start a motorbike washing service. To open e-commerce, additionally it is simple just to desire a water pump, compressor, tire polish, motorcycle shampoo and washcloth.

The capital is a standard measure for opening motorbike washing services in places you merely have a fee of RP 2,000,000.

One illustration of this small business can also be a resource of sustenance for other people by utilizing your friends or relatives nobody wants it.

16. Blog

Trend to create a blog and fill it up with increased specific writing is being loved by online businesses.
The reason is, from creating this blog can create a make money from PPC ads which can be available on the blog.

Of course, to be able to advertise, you have to write up to 30 to 60 articles using a total visitor with a minimum of 50 people in a day.

If you work in a shoe or bag making place, it is possible to write about it and write it on your own blog.
Examples of online small businesses truly are easy but sometimes produce unexpected benefits in the event the content can be so attractive.

If you would like to create a small business web or blog site, always remember how to construct linking, because that is incredibly important inside the progress of your website / blog later.

17. Property broker

To turn into a Realtor, this doesn’t need a large amount of capital. But this is when it is possible to benefit tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Examples of the small businesses can work well after they trust the other. Besides which you have to look convincing and understand the ins and outs in the property that you just will sell.

18. Travel Services Business and Tour Guide

For those of you who likes to travel, needless to say you will be happy to open up a company inside the field of travel and tour.

There are lots of work at home opportunities that you can do, whether it be the service associated with an ite nary maker, tour guide, or marketing to connect potential tourists with a local travel agent.
Examples of small businesses undertake and don’t large costs because precisely what it takes is trust as well as the best service.

19. Business Makes Parcel

This business could be categorized being a seasonal business that can gain huge profits. The reason is, thus, making this parcel will likely be sold before the feast.

Both companies, agencies, and people require a parcel for his or her relatives or colleagues.
Examples on this small business parcel do not need to spend large capital. Enough with RP. 1 or 2 million You can be already buy parcel baskets as well as other supporting equipment.

20. Service Business Print Wedding Invitations

The business of marriage isn’t endless. Because on this year there is going to be many brides married.

The expertise necessary to open this business is a chance to design plus marketing. If you don’t have one in the skills, you’ll be able to invite others to operate together.

If you need to glance, produce a different design than you ever did. Guaranteed one example of this small enterprise that you just do will sell well inside market.

21. Cafe Business

Currently the world wide web has turned into a major requirement for gadget users. Unfortunately this connection to the Internet hasn’t been fully spread throughout Indonesia.

Well, if you live in a place that remains rarely Internet then this great opportunity awaits you to open the cafe business.

Examples of these smaller businesses may be started from purchasing one to two computers plus a modem as a way to access the Internet.

22. Frozen Food Business

Frozen food businesses are presently being favored because individuals really want to eat which has a practical presentation. The benefit of opening these clients are that food won’t be stale quickly because it is definitely long-lasting.

Capital to open up one example of this business only needs a freezer having a just right size.

23. Livestock Business

For people who’ve land in the countryside can be used to raise livestock from fish to goats or cattle.
Surely this small business list requires other folks who have to take proper it. And the most critical thing is to be patient because it can be a long-term investment.

If it is all totally ready, you’ll be able to have more selling points which are able to bring abundant profits.